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study in ChileBenefits of study in Chile

  • Spanish language is not required at the initial stage of education (* for private universities).
  • Chilean professional degree are accepted in all countries with which Chile has a bilateral agreement – USA, Canada, the countries of MercoSur, China and some countries of the European Union.
  • Relatively low cost of living in Chile.
  • Education in universities belonging to international educational networks.
  • Possibility of evening studies.
  • The possibility of obtaining permanent residence, citizenship of Chile.
  • The opportunity to work during the period of study.
  • Entry exams
  • Universities in Chile do not have entrance exams, requisites for entering universities in Chile: Secondary education certificate, interview. In public universities there are requirements for points.


A sufficient condition for admission is a certificate of secondary education in the CIS countries, with an apostille.

Duration of studies in Chile

Enrolling in the university of Chile with a certificate of secondary education, the period of study is from 4.5 to 7 years, depending on the chosen specialty. Technical specialties from 2.5 years

Application dates

Postulation to universities in Chile takes place twice a year, at the beginning of March and at the end of July. Applications are accepted until March 19 in the first half of the year and until August 1 in the second. We also receive documents three weeks after the deadline, but the place is not guaranteed – in case of refusal, the documents will be transferred to the next semester. We recommend submitting documents at least two weeks before the indicated deadlines.

Cost of education in Chile

The annual cost of education in universities of Chile depends on the chosen university, profession and form of education. Possible tuition fees – monthly, semester and annual. The annual cost of study at the full-time faculty with a study period of 4.5 years is from U $ 3,000 to U $ 10,000, which is significantly lower than the cost of training at similar universities in Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and other countries. Technical specialties with a training period of 2.5 years – from U $ 3000 / year.

Practice and Employment in Chile

Most of the universities of Chile provide assistance in the provision of practice to their students, traditionally students well-established during the period of practice, remain on a permanent job in companies where they did their internship. University graduates are in demand in the labor market. Graduates of Chile’s universities can count on a job in Chile and in countries with a bilateral agreement on education: the countries of Mercosur, the USA, Canada and the countries of the European Union (Spain, Italy). According to immigration law, you can get permanent residency in Chile by getting a job in your specialty.

Our services for study in Chile

Opening a student visa for the period of study.

Admission to Chilean University

Providing certificates of financial solvency.

Preparing for interview.

Providing health insurance.