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If you seek to recover Chilean citizenship as a descendant of a Chilean citizen you must visit the following link.

Situations in which people receive an identification number of a citizen in Chile, but at the same time they do not issue a passport of Chile it is frequent. Also, in the current year, in some cases, passports were annulled. This is due to the verification of the legality of the acquisition of Chilean citizenship and the validity of issuing a Chile passport.

Verification of the legality in the acquisition of Chilean citizenship and the validity of issuing a passport of Chile.

This year in Chile started verification campaign was conducted to verify the legality of your Chilean citizenship, as a result of which many Chilean passports were declared issued in violation of the established procedure or were not reasonably issued. A similar situation also affected the children who applied for citizenship on the basis of the citizenship of the parents.

In cases where your passport or passports of your children did not pass the test and were found not reasonably issued, the passport is withdrawn. From a legal point of view, such a situation is serious, complex and has the only way to resolve it – through the courts in Chile.

Arbitrage practice

In 2018, the Constitutional Court of Chile expressed its positive opinion on the recognition of citizenship by kinship, but if you turn to the practice of the court when considering such cases in cassation proceedings, the situation does not look so good. There are examples when the court agrees with the arguments of the claimant and overrules the decision on recognition of the passport as illegally issued. But unfortunately there are also opposite cases, because in the courts to prove their case is not so simple. After all, the court needs to clarify the following aspects: consistency of residence, recognition of citizenship by kinship and the validity of the withdrawal of a passport, because if there has been citizenship for many years, you cannot suddenly recognize it as illegally issued.

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If your citizenship was recognized as illegally issued or you cannot get a passport in Chile after obtain Chilean identification number, our company proposes to establish the fact of Chile’s citizenship by court and force the Chilean Foreign Ministry to issue a Chilean passport.