Asesorias Legales ( se offer a full array of legal services to individuals and businesses of all sizes throughout the Chile Republic in the following specialties:

Civil Law and Litigation in Chile

Representation in Chilean civil courts; Assistance in real estate rights, urban and rural leases, contracts, industrial action, financial investment trusts. Our Firm operate in all jurisdictional conflict, where mixed matters of civil law in general are involved. Your Lawyer in Chile. Read More

Recognition of International Arbitration in Chile

Business & Corporate Law in Chile

After incompetent assistants you still have debts on the company  in Chile? Do you want to liquidate your Company in Chile?

Liquidate your company in Chile

Product Certification in Chile

Certification in Chile nutritional supplements, cosmetics products, etc…

A partner or Сompany verification in Chile

Obtaining any extract from the Commercial Register, Revenue Service and other entities in Chile.

  • Place and date of registration
  • Authorized capital
  • Founders, director, person entitled to contract
  • Presence of property in the company
  • History of the company
  • Legalization of the above documents
  • Litigation in Chile

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Real Estate Law in Chile

Our Company have extensive experience in real estate Rights, study of titles, analysis, preparation, negotiation and drafting of contracts. Steps to buy Real Estate in Chile, property taxes in Chile, Attorney in Real Estate Law in Chile….. Read More

Chilean Citizenship

Or we provide legal advise and representation in a variety of jurisdictional conflicts in obtaining Chilean Citizenship. Read More

Family and Inheritance Law in Chile

  • Inheritance Law in Chile and your rights
  • Family conflicts, divorce and separation of property
  • Pre-marital and post-marital agreements
  • Children’s rights and child custody disputes
  • Change of Surname or Name in Chile