Obtaining any information and extract about your Partner in Chile

To check if your Chilean Partner obtaining any information and extract from the Court, Commercial Register or Tax Service in Chile. You can, if necessary, order the official extract from the Commercial Register or any extract from the Chilean Tax Service, Judicial extracts. copy of Lawsuits or Sentences.

The extract from the Commercial Register of Chile contains the following registration data of companies in Chile:

  • Date of register of the company
  • The Organizational form of the company
  • The value of the established capital
  • Information about the executive director
  • Information about partners

There is also an additional statement:

  • Article of Association
  • Changes in the share capital organizational and legal form
  • Changes in the amount of authorized capital
  • Changes in the partners

Extract from Chilean Tax Service

It is also possible to obtain an extract from the Tax Service of Chile, that statement will contain the following information:

  • About the status of a legal entity in the Chilean Tax Service (active or not, penalization, etc.)
  • Registration of the address of the company in Chile (legal address)
  • Directors data
  • Branches or representative offices of a legal entity in Chile
  • The situation with the payment of taxes
  • About presence of tax documents (invoices, etc.)

Extract from Chilean Judicial System

  • Any civil and penal cases
  • Certified Copy of Lawsuit
  • Certified Copy of Sentence