Chilean passport

Chilean Passport permit Visa-Free visits to Europe Union, USA, Canada, New Zeland, Australia  and others countries – a total of 174 countries.

Also, Chile signed an agreement with the APEC countries (APEC – Japan, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and Russia.) that gives about a 1 year visa-free visit to countries outside the Union and for business and commercial activities in these countries for Chilean citizens. Since 2014 Chilean citizens can visit the US visa-free.

How to get Chilean passport

When getting a citizenship in Chile? Chilean legislation allows not to give up your current citizenship, thus leaving the right to keep and get your second, a Chilean passport. Chilean legislation also gives the possibility of obtaining a Chilean citizenship in an accelerated program for descendants of Chilean citizens.

Сhilean nationality law

The standard process for obtaining Chilean nationality through residence takes five years and consist of the following process:

Obtaining a residence permit with a term of 1 year (permit) for Chilean immigration programs. If you have a residence visa in Chile, you must spend at least 185 days in the country, you can get the permanent residence. After 1 year with a residence permit in Chile (Temporary Visa), the Chilean state will request the permanent residence in Chile. The status is permanent and does NOT have any time limitations, the very same certificate of permanent residence is issued for 20 years. You can stay outside Chile fore more than 1 year, but you will need to justify the reasons of not going to Chile in the Consulate of Chile.

After 5 years of having got the resident visa, you can apply for citizenship in Chile. Very important, that by applying the citizenship by residence you must live at least 185 days annually.

Chilean Citizenship for parents or descendants

In Chile, there is a way of obtaining the citizenship faster. To do that you must have parents or grandparents that used to have Chilean citizenship, otherwise you will not get the citizenship faster. Most countries have laws on restoration of citizenship because there is an intermediate stage of recovery, which requires to live a year or more on the territory of the country with the status of permanent residence, as in Chile, this intermediate step is missing. Obtaining Chilean citizenship this way takes only 3 months.

Recovery your Chilean Citizenship and obtain passport in Chile

This year in Chile started verification campaign was conducted to verify the legality of your Chilean citizenship, as a result of which many Chilean passports were declared issued in violation of the established procedure or were not reasonably issued. Read More…