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And get Chilean citizenship for your baby

childbirth in Chile

What we offer:

  • An invitation Letter for delivery in Chile
  • Arranging accommodation
  • Choosing a doctor and clinic for delivery
  • The possibility of medical insurance for free delivery at the state hospital
  • Requesting a resident visa for parents
  • Visiting a doctor with an assistant as a translator
  • Registering a Chilean citizenship for a newborn

There are many benefits for giving birth in Chile, for example: you would get two citizenship’s for your child (Chilean and your home country), residence visa for parents, also you would get the possibility of obtaining health insurance for childbirth therefore providing a better birth environment for mother and child.

Cost of delivery in Chile

A good private clinic without sufficient health insurance coverage can get expensive in Chile. A natural delivery costs between $2 000 and $ 5 000, not including ultrasounds and other treatments during the nine months preceding delivery. Health insurance can cover up to 80% of this cost. This amount takes into consideration childbirth without complications, naturally or cesarean. This amount increases significantly if your baby is born with complications or low weight.

The total cost of services in a private clinic usually include:

  • Prenatal examination.
  • Childbirth.
  • Supervision and service by doctors of the newborn and mother.
  • A spot in the ward (usually 3 days).

Our birth Services in Chile

The cost of our services include:

  • Organization of arrival;
  • Selection of housing for living;
  • Registration of the lease agreement;
  • Residence permit for parents (without a residence permit for the mother or father, the child will not be able to obtain Chilean citizenship);
  • Assistance in obtaining health insurance;
  • Selection of a private clinic or state hospital for childbirth;
  • Chilean Citizenship for your baby:
  • Getting a passport and Chilean ID for your baby;

In Chile you have

  • A superb level of medicine
  • A very high quality of service in medical institutions
  • The opportunity to get Chilean citizenship for a child
  • Residence for parents

Terms of service

For a number of reasons, it is recommended to begin the clinic selection process no later than the 31st week of pregnancy.