Certification services for nutritional supplements and cosmetics products

To import cosmetic products, Dietary or Nutritional supplements in Chile, you must have an authorized in Chile company to import these products.

Documents: Certificates of free sale, official certificate of cosmetic product or Nutritional Supplement, foreign manufacturer’s certificate, formula, product specifications, safety certification.

Certification times: 3-6 months

The following are subject to mandatory certification for sale in Chile: cosmetic products, dietary and nutritional supplements, electrical appliances (mass use), medical products, materials for work and sanitary installations (SISS, personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers) and materials for construction.

Certification of imported food products in Chile is carried out in certain groups, usually potentially dangerous or those for which guarantees are particularly important. If you need to clarify the requirements for specific products, please contact our consultant.

Products that are not certified but that are already in Chile are subject to disposal. Disposal and associated costs are borne by the owner of the goods, for this certification you need to do in advance. In cases where a non-certified product enters the domestic market or has other violations (unreasonable declaration, products with other standards, false documents or information), the owner of the goods have criminal and civil liability.

The product certification process is not a simple, incomplete list of documents, or a mismatch of the application form is a waste of time and money. That is why it makes sense to seek the help of qualified professionals.

Also in Chile, voluntary certification of goods is possible on the initiative of the company. Voluntary certification does not in any way replace the mandatory, as it corresponds to other procedures and is mainly used for food (for example, environmentally friendly) and services.