Our methodology for providing high quality and reliable outsourcing service centers for:

  1. Obtain a deep understanding of your business and all relevant requirements during the planning phase;
  2. Activities leading to the accurate and timely preparation and delivery of financial reports and tax returns;
  3. Project management that ensures full compliance with all commitments and the highest levels of service;

Scope of services

The main activities within our scope are:

Monthly Task Activities

  • Record the business transactions and other movements, according to local GAAP (IFRS) and local currency;
  • Record the banking transactions and perform month-end reconciliation with bank statements;
  • Record and analyze accounts receivable (customers) and accounts payable (suppliers);
  • Accounting control of fixed assets for financial and tax purposes (if any);
  • Record financial obligations and other liabilities;
  • Record the sales, cost of sales, and expenses of the company;
  • Compliance with formalities related to accounting and books required by the Tax Authority Year-end Closing;
  • Calculation and record of annual closing accounting adjustments for local purposes;
  • Prepare annual statutory financial statements, in local currency;
  • To comply with the processes in a timely manner, we have a monthly activity calendar, which must be followed by us as well as the client.
  • Calculating and filing of monthly VAT returns (F-29)
  • Calculating and filing of monthly WHT returns (F-50)
  • Reviewing the validity of the tax documents issued and received (Invoices)
  • Compliance with tax formalities relating to bookkeeping requirements and issuance of Sales and Purchases books
  • Review of expense accounts to identify if the expense can be deducted for tax purpose
  • Review related party transactions in order to identify if they are subject to taxation
  • Calculation of monthly Income tax advance payments.

Annual activities

  • Calculate the Price-level restatement on the accounts according to Income Tax law
  • Review of balance sheet and Income statement to identify the main transactions and variations that could have tax effects
  • Keeping the new Business Records for tax purposes (Former FUT).
  • Calculate the annual rate of Income Tax advance payments
  • Conduct information returns to be submitted to Chilean Tax Authority, excluding form 1907 statement on Transfer Pricing
  • Prepare Corporate Income Tax Return (Form 22)
  • Track the Annual Income Tax Return process through Sll web page
  • Representation before the tax authority for regular reviews.
  • Annual determination of Equity for purpose of payment of Municipal license or Patent.

Monthly services will be invoiced on the early days of the month to be paid at the end of the same one .
Our fees will be reviewed along with you, annually, or when transaction volume has a substantial change implying review .