How to legalize documents for Chile

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apostille ChileApostille in Chile

This article will tell you how to legalize or certify a birth certificate, marriage certificate and other documents of your country for use in Chile or how put apostille for Chile.

This legalization will help to use the documents in the government of Chile, including for obtention residence visa in Chile or for registration of marriage, etc… In year 2015 Chile signed the Apostille Convention (Hague Convention). And from August 30, 2016 began to accept and issue an apostille. If the country in which your documents are issued also signed the Apostille Convention, to certify the documents, it is enough to certify them with the issuing authority in your country. For example: marriage certificate and birth certificate must be certified by the Civil Registry Office.

For the apostille of the document on education (profesional degree and others) – in the Ministry of Education.

Notarized documents are certified by the Ministry of Justice.

What to do if your country has not signed the Apostille Convention and you need to legalize documents for Chile?

In this case, you need to make notarial copies of your documents. After presenting in Ministry of Justice, then in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in your country) and then in the nearest consulate of Chile.

In Chile, they also remain valid and the documents legalized in the consulate of Chile continue to be accepted along with the apostille.

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