Foreigners habitual residents in Chile exceeded 1.5 million people.

Residents in Chile

If we measure it in percentages, 7% of residents in Chile  are foreigners. Thus, the National Statistics Institute of Chile and the Department of Foreigners and Migration reported.

The director of NSI highlighted the collaborative work and agreed on the need to integrate and improve the data on migration that exist in the country. “The current statistics only partially cover the phenomenon of migration and therefore this collaborative work between public institutions was necessary to make a first approach to updated data that would allow characterizing this new population resident in Chile. It is a first estimate, which we hope to strengthen in the future. For this, it is necessary to deepen the treatment of the census stock, improve administrative records for statistical purposes and advance the full integration of databases of institutions linked to the migration process” he said.

According to the estimate, close to 60% of the total number of migrants is between 20 and 39 years old.

The figure delivered gathers information from both the 2017 Census, delivered by the INE, and administrative records, provided by the DEM, the Investigative Police (PDI), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrel) and the Civil Registry and Identification Service. (SRCeI), those that were processed by the DEM, with the technical support of the NSI.

The census data consider the number of the population born abroad and that is a habitual resident in Chile.

The administrative data, on the other hand, include foreigners with residence and entry permits to the country after the census moment, that is, they arrived in Chile from April 20.

This last information includes the records of application and granting of temporary and definitive residences in Chile, generated by the DEM; records of granting consular visas, by Minrel; records from the border control, which the PDI delivers, and the registration of deaths granted by the SRCeI.