Chilean passport most powerfull in Latin America

passport rank 2020

Chile became the leader in the rating of the most “powerful” passports among Latin American countries. With visa-free entry to the USA, Canada, countries of the European Union, with an electronic visa to Australia and visa-free entry to other countries – a total of 176 countries, Chile’s passport took 1st place. According to the rating of the most “powerful” passports in the world, the Chilean passport took 16th place in the same place with the passport of Cyprus.

The leaders of the world ranking have not changed since last year, these are Japan (with 191 countries), Singapore (190 countries), Germany (189 countries) and South Korea (189 countries). It is noteworthy that the passport of the United States (184 countries), as well as the United Kingdom (184 countries) lowered their positions in the ranking from sixth to eighth. And the countries of the Asian continent continue to occupy higher positions each time. For example, the passport of the United Arab Emirates took 18th place, and 10 years ago it was 65th.

The worst passport was Afghanistan, with 26 visa-free countries.

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