Chilean rental subsidies


This program is intended for families who belong to the 70% of the most vulnerable groups of the population and who are able pay rent monthly.

What does the support consist of?

The state pays up to 3.2 UF (approximately $ 130) of the rental price monthly. Though this is only in the case if the total price of the rent doesnt exceed $ 390 per month, which is equivalent to a one-room apartment. Such subsidies can be issued for up to 8 years.

How to apply for rental subsidies in Chile?

The application can be submitted before October 16, 2019, the link will be down below.

Application Requirements:

1. Be over 18 years old;

2. Foreigners must have permanent residence in Chile;

3. Have a spouse or a child or to be a lonely pensioner over 60 years old;

4. Belong to 70% of the most vulnerable segments of the population, according to the current socio-economic rating;

5. Have a monthly household income of no more than $ 1,000 per month;

6. Confirm that the applicant or any member of the declared family group is not the owner of any residential real estate, land, sanitary infrastructure or does not have a valid certificate for housing;

7. To not have applications for any other housing program;

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Link to rental subsidy application in Chile