How to open tourist visa to Chile


Requirements for visa applying procedure must comply with the following:

1.- Completed visa application form duly signed
2.- Copy of Passport valid for at least 6 months, from entry date to Chile
3.- One colored passport size photo with white background (to be uploaded while registering)
4.- Letter of employment stating the reason of the trip to Chile OR
5.- Letter of Invitation from Chilean citizen or company
6.- Copy of the flight booking/itinerary and confirmed hotel booking
7.- Police Certificate on criminal records
8.- Yellow fever vaccine certificate
9.- Bank statements backdated for last three months and certified by the bank

Each file should be named according the required visa document and provided by the user, e.g. Visa Application form, Invitation letter, etc., and must be scanned, saved, registered and uploaded online on the following link:

Make your application with enough time in advance. Delay may occur depending each particular case. Ensure that the visa application form details are in line with the registration process. The visa will only be issued after the process it is finalized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile.