New laws in Chile in 2021

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law ChileNews of Chilean legislation in 2021

Immigration Law, amendments to the current law are expected by mid-year.

Law that establishes sanctions to those who prevent access to sea beaches, rivers and lakes.

Modernization of Banking Legislation in Chile
Law No. 21,127

Modifies Law No. 20,743, regarding the month of granting permanent family contribution.

Modification of the Criminal Code of Chile and typifies as a lack the soiling, throwing or abandoning garbage, materials or waste of any kind on beaches, riverbanks or lakes, national parks, national reserves, natural monuments or other conservation areas of the biodiversity declared under official protection.
Law No. 21,123

Prohibits the delivery of plastic bags of commerce throughout the national territory.
Law No. 21,100

Establishes thirty-day payment for small and medium business
Law No. 21131