Limited Liability Company in Chile (LLC or LTD)

The number of partners can be very different, from 2 to 50 partners. In the case of a single shareholder it can be an Individual LLC.

Chilean legislation does not specify a minimal authorized capital.

Requirements for shareholder not resident: from March 2015 an amendment to Chile’s tax laws came into force by which to obtain a temporary VAT for a resident shareholder it is NOT required to designate a responsible persons resident.

Requirements for nominee directors: in case that the company will operate in Chile, Director resident is obligated, otherwise you will need to get a residence permit for one of the registered partners.

After registration, you must activate LLC company in the Tax Service, which will require the office address in Chile. Upon obtaining VAT identification number for the company, its needed to obtain a municipal permit for commercial activities in the jurisdiction of the municipality.

The time for registration to LLC in Chile is from 5 to 10 days

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