Transaction of real estate in Chile by foreign citizens

In Chile, foreign citizens shall enjoy equal rights with citizens of Chile for the purchase of property and can acquire unlimited ownership in the amount of land, apartments, houses, and any other properties without restrictions.

To buy property in Chile foreign citizen need the following documents:

For individuals: Chilean VAT identification number (RUT) and passport.

For companies: AoA (Article of Association) and Chilean VAT identification number.

The procedure for buying and registering Property in Chile is very simple:

  1. The signing of the compromise agreement with the stipulated terms and the amount of the transaction.
  2. Audit documentation and legality of the transaction by the lawyer.
  3. Notary registration of the transaction.
  4. Inscription of the sell agreement
  5. Registration of property in Civil Registry.
  6. Obtaining a certificate of ownership and a certificate of absence of debts, liens and litigation.
  7. Payment of the total cost of the seller.