civil litigation in ChileCivil Law and litigation in Chile

The current civil litigation in Chile is highly formalized and is written (claims, responses, objections). The plaintiff declares his claims in writing, referring exclusively to the facts and norms of the law. In turn, the counterclaim and possible judicial acts, other procedural documents, as well as the final decision of the court must be drawn up in … Read More

Recognition of International Arbitration in Chile

rejected passport Chile

Recover your Chilean Citizenship and obtain passport of Chile

This year the Chilean government started a campaign that focused on verifying the legality of Chilean citizenships, as a result many Chilean passports were declared issued in violation of the law.

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register company ChileRegister a Company in Chile

Chilean corporate law provides a wide range of different legal terms and entities to help grow your business. Most commercial companies use the following general forms: Read More

After incompetent assistants you still have debts on the company  in Chile? Do you want to liquidate your LLC in Chile?

Liquidate your company in Chile

real estate chileReal Estate in Chile & Transaction Advisory Service

When you purchase both new or resale real estate in Chile it is extremely important to know what is the legal status of the realty you are buying. If the real estate has any mortgages, restrictions, encumbrances, debts, rights of third parties, and the most important ting is whether there is an object of municipal debt, such as territorial or garbage disposal. Read More

obtain chilean passportChilean Citizenship

When should I get a citizenship in Chile? Chilean legislation allows you not to give up your current citizenship, thus leaving the right to keep and get your second. Chilean legislation also gives the possibility of obtaining a Chilean citizenship in an accelerated program for descendants of Chilean citizens. Read More

Giving childbirth in Chile

Property tax in Chile

It is important to note, that in Chile property will not be charged with tax for rental income if the facilities are smaller than 140 m2. For properties with an area over 140 m2 taxes are charged only in case of its profitability being over than 11% per year. Read More

Partner or company verification in Chile

Obtaining any information and any extract from the Commercial Register and Tax Service in Chile. Read More

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