Civil Law and Litigation in Chile

The current civil litigation in Chile is highly formalized and is written (claims, responses, objections). The plaintiff declares his claims in writing, referring exclusively to the facts and norms of the law …

Register a Company in Chile

Chilean corporate law provides a wide range of different legal terms and entities to help grow your business. Most commercial companies use the following general forms:

Or after incompetent assistants you still have debts on the company in Chile? Do you want to liquidate your LLC in Chile?

Liquidate your company in Chile

Trademark registration in Chile

In the first instance trademarks in Chile are registered for a period of 10 years, after which they can be extended indefinitely. Our services in trademark registration in Chile or Patent in Chile consist of:

Inheritance Law in Chile

Due to the peculiarities of the Chilean legislation, the transfer of inheritance or inheritance rights in Chile is markedly different from common international practice. Owners of real estate and / or other assets in Chile are extremely important to know exactly how inheritance law works in Chile.

Recognition of International Arbitration in Chile

In order to enforce a foreign court decision in Chile, the case must be considered by a Supreme Court in Chile. Having previously examined a foreign decision on compliance with Chilean law…

Certification in Chile

The following are subject to mandatory certification for sale in Chile: cosmetic products, dietary supplements, electrical appliances (mass use), medical products, materials for work and sanitary installations (SISS, personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers) and materials for construction. Certification of imported food products in Chile is carried out in certain groups, usually potentially dangerous or those for which guarantees are particularly important. If you need to clarify the requirements for specific product…

Partner or company verification in Chile

Obtaining any information and extract from the Court, Commercial Register or Tax Service in Chile. To check if your Chilean partner or partner of your company in Chile.

Accounting and Tax Compliance In Chile

Our methodology for providing high quality and reliable outsourcing service centers for: 1. Obtain a deep understanding of your business and all relevant requirements during the planning phase. 2. Activities leading to the accurate and timely preparation and delivery of financial reports and tax returns. 3.