In the area of business and corporate law in Chile our Firm offers services and legal assistance in registration of companies in Chile, establishment branches of foreign companies in Chile, corporate transformations and in the area of defense Intellectual Property and Technology. We have extensive experience in registration and representing foreign business interests with commercial law components in Chile. 

Our Firm (Asesorias Legales Chile Grupp) provides organization services and helps conduct negotiations and business meetings in Chile. The company also helps accompanying business groups and delegations with a professional  interpreter for business meetings, negotiations and exhibitions. These are the languages we work with: Spanish, English, Russian. Our specialists have experience in technical, legal and economic translations. Given the fact that Chile is a mining country, it is important to know some terms in the mining industry.

Exequatur in Chile

The convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards "(New York, 10.06.1958) are regulated by the Code of Civil Procedure of Chile and it is stated in the articles 242-251. To enforce the decision of a foreign court in Chile, the decision must also be issued by the Supreme Court of Chile.

Our Firm provides services on registration of companies and branches of foreign companies in Chile, as well as services for the accreditation and registration of branches of foreign companies in Chile. Our company works with the following legal forms of legal entities:

Chilean corporate law provides a wide range of different legal terms and entities to solve business. Most commercial companies use the following general corporate forms:

  • Limited Liability Company(LLC or LTD). The number of participants is from 2 to 50
  • Individual Limited Liability Company(Individual LTD). For a single partner.
  • The joint-stock company with an unlimited number of partners.
  • Branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Chile

General requirements of the corporate structure in Chile

In Chilean corporate law legislation, a joint-stock company (S.A.) is a business entity in which different stocks can be bought and owned by shareholders. Each shareholder owns a company stock in proportion, evidenced by their certificates of ownership.

In accordance with Chilean laws on joint-stock companies (JSC, LAO) N ° 18,046 and a Limited Liability Company N ° 3918, in order to do business in Chile on a regular basis, the foreign corporation must: create a company that can be organized such as Joint Stock company (Sociedad Anónima) or Agency (Agencia de Sociedad Extranjera), we recommend the establishment of a joint-stock company, since it may consist of an unlimited number of shareholders.

The opening of a branch or representative office in Chile

One form of work of foreign company in Chile is through the organization of activities of the representative office or the branch. The differences between the two legal forms in the current Chilean legislation, is that the branch, being a separate subdivision of the legal entity it performs all the functions of one, including representative. The representation of foreign companies in Chile can only perform representational functions (and the interests of defense). On the legislative side, the process of registration of branches or representative offices are almost identical.

The number of partners can be very different from 2 to 50 partners. In the case of a single shareholder it can be an individual registration LLC.

Chilean legislation does not specify a minimal authorised capital.