The transition of hereditary rights differs greatly in Chile than in other counties. Its very important to understand this process, because people often take advantage of peoples incomprehension.

The main difference in the Chilean right of inheritance lies in the impossibility to transfer all your inheritance to a specific identity even by drafting a will. If you draft a will you can only give 25% of your inheritance to that certain person. The other 75% will be divide and splited in the next order : spouse and children, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

In other words you can manipulate freely only 25% of your wealth. The other 25% of your inheritance can go to another person if you want to, but if you didn't make any will draft than all of your wealth will be splitted by your spouses and children. Even in the case of drafting, it can not restrict the interests of direct heirs and if this happened (or for other reasons does not comply with the Chilean law), the will is recognized as not valid and the direct heirs will not lose the right to the part of the property that they are entitled to.

This is why if a person wants to give their inheritance to a certain identity they need to formalize it through intermediate structures.


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