Exequatur in Chile

The convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards "(New York, 10.06.1958) are regulated by the Code of Civil Procedure of Chile and it is stated in the articles 242-251. To enforce the decision of a foreign court in Chile, the decision must also be issued by the Supreme Court of Chile.

And, in case of compliance, foreign judgements will have the same force in Chile as if they had been issued by Chilean courts. The single main points of compliance with the Chilean norms:

1. The decision of a foreign court does not contain anything contrary to the laws of Chile.

2. Does not oppose to any national jurisdiction.

3. The Chilean party, against whom a decision was issued, was duly notified of the process in its respect.

4. The decision of the court is in accordance with the legislation of the country issuing this decision.

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