Our Firm provides services on registration of companies and branches of foreign companies in Chile, as well as services for the accreditation and registration of branches of foreign companies in Chile. Our company works with the following legal forms of legal entities:

Registration of a limited liability company in Chile (LLC)

Registration of a join-stock Company in Chile

Registration of branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Chile

Individual limited liability (EIRL)

In addition, our company is engaged in accreditation and registration of branches of foreign companies in Chile. Foreign entities are engaged in entrepreneurial activity in Chile. It is obliged to register the branch. The state control over the creation of a branch of a foreign legal entity is performed by the accreditation. After passing the accreditation of the branch or representative office, it becomes registered with the tax authorities.

Our experts will help you gather and prepare all the necessary documents, as well as advise on all issues in the process of registration and accreditation of branches of foreign companies in Chile.

Services for the registration of companies and representative offices in Chile include:

  • Preparation of statutory documents for a new company
  • Legalization of statutory documents
  • Registration in the CCI
  • Official publication
  • Activation in the tax service of Chile

Additional services

  • Remote registration
  • Editing and entering in the register of powers of attorney
  • Obtaining temporary TIN for non-resident shareholders
  • Appointment of a nominal director for non-resident companies.

Additional services

Opening a corporate account in Chile