Legal services in Chile (Asesorias Legales Chile Grupp) has a comprehensive legal support tracking and recording of transactions connected with the objects of operations on the real estate in Chile (donation, lease, mortgage) and also carries out the registration of real estate rights. Our company ensures compliance with the requirements of applicable documents submitted in the Republic of Chile's legislation and ensures the reliability of your transaction.

A full range of real estate registration services in Chile include:

  • Price negotiations
  • Gathering all the necessary information about the property, including to check for encumbrances (mortgage, arrest, etc.), hereditary or judicial disputes.
  • Legal examination of documents and collection of documents required for registration of real estate
  • Making the respective contract: purchase and sale, rent and so on
  • Advice on payment of real estate with application protection mechanisms
  • Preparation of documents to Companies House (Регистрационная палата)
  • Tracking the passage of documents in various stages of registration and зromptly informing the Customer
  • Consultations in the field of the Chilean real estate: houses, apartments, plots
  • Legal assistance transactions with land