Marshall Islands Offshore

marshall islands

Classic offshore are a thing of the past. This is quite official, since from January 2019 even such jurisdictions as Belize and Nevis introduced new legislation. The point is to at least partially fulfill the requirements of international regulators, the EU, the FATF and others who control the market.

Classic offshore need to adapt to survive. However, some of them, such as Nevis, do not reduce their attractiveness, but continue to work for the benefit of customers. This requires effort and new requirements for investors still appear. Now a new type of offshore is being formed, which meets all the requirements, but at the same time offers both tax benefits and broad prospects for asset protection.

However, if you need a classic offshore no matter what, then pay attention to the Marshall Islands. What features does the Marshall offer to foreign investors?

Closed register of owners, although data are collected during registration;

Registration time;

Management flexibility;

The ability to redistribute profits and losses between partners;

Protection against personal liability with shares in the company;

No restrictions on the minimum share capital;

The ability to make LLC a serial and fully divided divisions of the company, both in terms of management, and in terms of responsibility;

Use IBC for startups and attracting several rounds of investment;

Possibility to appoint both individuals and legal entities as a director and secretary in the company.

Ship and Yacht Registration in Marshall Islands

And the Marshall Islands are home to one of the largest maritime registries, where both commercial multi-tonnage vessels and private yachts for personal or semi-commercial use are registered.

The nuance that should be taken into account when working with Marshalls, and which partly explains the somewhat independent status of the islands in comparison with other offshore jurisdictions: an offshore is associated with the United States. In a simplified sense, Marshalls are part of the United States, use the dollar for calculations, and if something happens, they can ask the United States for help.

On the one hand, this gives the offshore time to exist further with minimal changes. On the other hand, no one is immune from the fact that the United States will require to disclose information about the owners of local companies and most likely representatives of the Marshall will obey.

We help register both International Companies (IBC) and Limited Liability Companies (LLC) on Marshall Islands.

If you wish, you can also register yachts (personal and commercial) and commercial ships on the Marshall Islands.

If you have any questions, please contact  We are happy to tell you whether the offshore Marshall Islands is suitable for you personally and, depending on the answer, we will offer cooperation or an alternative.